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long time, no write :)

hello! well, i certainly didn’t plan to be away from the blog for so long, but work, holidays and just general life got in the way.

i’ve still been playing around and planning things for my dolls, but i have hardly shared anything on DoA or even Flickr. here’s a short summary, though –

  • 95% finished Annabel’s list (even though I did order new eyes, i have decided that they’re a bit too dark so I have another pair on order)
  • i have started working on Gabriel’s list, which i will try and share shortly
  • i ordered and received a new Aileen Doll dragon, Shy.
  • i also recieved a replacement Seed dragon as I sold my previous one earlier in the year.
  • i received two teeny tiny baby Aileen Doll dragons!
  • my Pukifee Juri and my TS Pukifee Pio got sent off to the faceup artist (the lovely Anthrogirl on DoA) and came back with fabulous new faces!
  • my gorgeous Pukifee Cupid  (who i have named Samson) arrived 🙂


  • i have ordered two tan Pukifees – a Flora and a Vanilla, and have been making plans for them


(not my photos)

and finally, I have fallen in love with a couple of dolls from a fairly new company, Dolli-Pop. i haven’t ordered these yet, but that doesn’t stop me making plans!



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saving pennies…

… for this!


(photos belong to Aileen Doll)

this cutie is a new dragon that Aileen Doll have previewed on their Flickr account – he’s a dragon/deer/bird and he’s yellow! I have been wanting them to make a yellow one 🙂 also, look at that tiny sleeping baby dragon – an event gift maybe? eek! i can’t wait!

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2015 (and beyond) wishlist.

i thought that i’d document my ultimate bjd purchasing wishlist, though this is not necessarily just for 2015, but ongoing. i feel that i have purchased quite a few dolls in a relatively short space of time (thirteen dolls – that are still with me (three have already been onsold) in 2 1/2 years), so it’s time to slow down. in terms of dolls, it feels like i am close to reaching the end of my wishlist (those are famous last words!) and it feels good. i have learnt a bit more about what dolls i love and will stick with me – it’s obvious that i love Pukifees, but as much as i admire them, i haven’t held on to my anthro (i.e. half animal/half human) dolls. i’ve rehomed both my Tiny Delf Alice Centaur and my Zuzu Delf Rumi as they no longer fit with me. yet, i love my dragons, because they are 100% dragon, not a combination of both human and dragon. so, moving forward – only human dolls or pure animal (they can still be fantasy dolls but without a human element) dolls for me 🙂

starting off with dolls, here’s my wishlist –

  • Pukifee Cupid full set with sleeping plate
  • Pukifee Multihead Zefi (possibly blank) – i will use the body for my Pukifee Juri event plate
  • PukiPuki body – to use with the Multihead Zefi head
  • Eve the Cat cat bjd (this is a bit of a dream, really 🙂


and other items –

  • faceup for my Pukifee Juri event plate
  • faceups for both OE and SP Pukifee Pio TS plates
  • eyes for Ignis, my Aileen Doll Seed dragon
  • new eyes for Roux, my Aileen Doll Rot dragon (i have 16mm eyes in him and he really needs 18mm)
  • new eyes for Boo, my Aileen Doll Picot Violet dragon (her current eyes are fine, but i always knew i would change them at a later date to a different pair)
  • fantasy coloured wigs for Sebastian, TS Pio and Cupid
  • Mako eyes for all of my Pukifees
  • an aqua mohair wig for Annabel
  • a pink mohair wig for Juri
  • knitted Pukifee rompers from PitaPota for my Pukifee girls (Annabel already has hers)

annabel | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

  • Cachoou rompers in aqua and pink
  • a couple more Little Amelie rompers
  • RubyRed Galleria Pukifee sneakers in blue
  • TTYA jeans and overalls for my new Pukifee boys

and in the creation of my morphlings (which i still haven’t expanded on) –

  • various ears and tails for all Pukifees except Annabel (she already has her dragonfly wings)

annabel | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

and a complete maybe – because i love her, but i am not sure that she would fit in –

  • Lati White Belle in Dark Tan skin (would have to be picked up on the secondhand market)


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did i scare you? 🙂

just kidding, Boo is my newest Aileen Doll dragon. she is a Picot Violet dragon, and is the tiniest thing – she literally fits in the palm of my hand and she is so, so adorable ❤

boo | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

unlike the bigger Aileen Doll dragons, which have strung legs, Boo’s legs attach via strong magnets, and they can be removed to allow her to fit inside the base of her egg.

boo | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

 she came with the dummy (pacifier) as shown above, and the eyes were available to purchase for an additional $5. i would like to change them at some point down the track, but it was really convenient to add them on to my purchase so that she wouldn’t be eyeless for ages (like my Ignis!) until i tracked down a pair i want for her.

here’s a size comparision with Reverie, my new Pukifee Icis –

boo & reverie | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

and my complete dragon family –

dragons | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

now if only Aileen Doll would take mercy on my poor, abused wallet and stop releasing cute dragons… 🙂


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i logged in to Aileen Doll a few minutes before the release time, after much refreshing of my screen i’ve managed to snag one of these cuties!

aileen doll pico dragon | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

 (photo taken from aileendoll.com)

i have ordered her with blushing and eyes. she may not keep these eyes but at only $5 USD they were pretty inexpensive and will do until i can find the perfect pair for her.

i’m thinking she will be called Boo 🙂

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a new arrival.

my Aileen Doll dragon Seed is here. and he’s beautiful!

firstly, Aileen Doll have upgraded their boxes since i last bought a dragon, and they’re really lovely now –

aileen doll seed | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

and now to introduce Ignis –

aileen doll seed | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

aileen doll seed | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

aileen doll seed | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.comhe has really lovely blushing – i think Aileen Doll do a fabulous job with these dragons!

and here is his OE faceplate, though i won’t be using this for a while yet, as i haven’t got around to finding some eyes for him!

aileen doll seed | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

i ordered Ignis on layaway through Dolk – and this was the first time i had purchased through them. honestly, communication was a bit spotty, but overall i’m really happy with how this transaction went. shipping only took four days, and that was with a one day hold up due to a visit to customs (Australia has very strict quarantine laws – which i will never complain about – and it sends up a red flag when one of the contents of the box are labelled as ‘seed’ 🙂 ) plus, i even got the bonus Greenery event gift thrown in!

aileen doll greenery | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

i was not expecting to receive the Greenery at all, as the event gifts were quite limited in number and i ordered quite late, so it was an awesome surprise 🙂 i now need to decide what blushing he needs – how fun!

a note about names: i came across the name Ignis in a children’s picture book by one of my favourite illustrators a number of years ago, and had been wanting to use the name for one of my dragons since i first saw these cuties. in my memory, Ignis was a green dragon so i really wanted Seed to be called Ignis. turns out i was wrong – the original Ignis was red. oh well – that’s where poetic license comes into play!

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to buy, or not to buy – part 2.5.

okay, well – as much as i would really love to buy the Brown Tan Lati White Belle, something happened today to scuttle those plans…

this happened –

aileen doll pico dragon | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

(photo courtesy of aileendoll.com)

oh my freaking goodness it’s a baby dragon! a purple baby dragon!

and look at it in proportion to the other dragon –

aileen doll pico dragon | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

(photo courtesy of aileendoll.com)

it’s a teeny, tiny, adorable, purple baby dragon. with a dummy (pacifier).

i’m dying of cuteness overload right now…

chances are that this little cutie will be a limited edition, so i don’t want to chance missing out. if i could guarantee that the dragon was a basic item, i would have possibly tried to buy one of the Lati Whites, but since Aileen Doll only posted the teaser for these today there’s not any info about the release yet.

i can’t afford both, so that means that i have to save my pennies for the baby dragon!

EDIT: Aileen Doll have announced that the baby dragon will be limited in number, over two order dates. on each order date 50 blank baby dragons and 40 blushed baby dragons will be available.

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the first of the dragon horde.

i had long been admiring Aileen Doll’s dragons, but was reluctant to spend any more money at the time. however, they then released Lapis, a beautiful blue LIMITED EDITION dragon (why all the limiteds??? i swear these companies are trying to bankrupt me 🙂 )

i was hooked.

Lapis was released with an optional jewel horn, or a unicorn horn. i didn’t want either, so Aileen Doll very kindly complied with my request, and so one of the cutest dragons ever was born.

meet Zephyr –

zephyr | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

zephyr | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

zephyr | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

he has the cutest worried expression and a fat little tummy 🙂

Zephyr’s blushing is absolutely divine – he is a stunning blue, plus he has lovely green and purple accents. he is actually a white resin with full body blushing – and for that reason i am very careful with him and also very protective of him at meets (though the lovely group i meet with are aware of that and treat him with the utmost care 🙂 ) he came really well wrapped – each individual limb and wing was wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure that they did not rub against each other or his torso. i would highly recommend Aileen Doll. i think that they do a fantastic job with these creatures. please note that they are not supplied with eyes – you will have to purchase them yourself (which i kind of like, as it means that each dragon then has something slightly different about them).

if you do purchase an Aileen Doll dragon, though, please beware – they are super addictive!

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