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puck’s perfect pants (produced by pooklet).

as part of my plans to rejuvenate my cute little Puck, i wanted to get him some new pants. i initially envisaged him wearing little knitted pants, but that was waaay out of the realm of possibility in terms of me being able to make them. luckily for me, a fellow local hobbyist (the lovely Pooklet) offered to make them for me, and they are perfect for Puck! they even have a little button on the cuff to ensure that they fit over his little hoovies ๐Ÿ™‚

puck |

how awesome are they???




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puck, the faun halfling.

when i found a cheap PukiPuki body on the DOA marketplace in March 2013 that was being sold in Australia, i snapped it up – i had some rough plans to find a Fairyland Multihead to go with it. however, less than two weeks later i stumbled across some DaisyDayes hooves for PukiPuki being sold on Flickr, and thus the concept for a little faun was born ๐Ÿ™‚

i managed to purchase a Cupid Multihead from a local hobbyist (very, very local – it turned out she lived in the next suburb over!), and from there i began to put together my faun.

the hooves were originally painted quite an orangey-brown.

puck - fairyland pukipuki daisy dayes faun |

i cleaned off and re-blushed the hooves, and then did my first (and then second!) faceup. ๐Ÿ™‚ it wasn’tย perfect, but his personality began to show. he was christened Puck, and he is certainly an impish and trouble-making creature!

puck - fairyland pukipuki daisy dayes faun |

puck - fairyland pukipuki daisy dayes faun |


i wasn’t doing much with Puck, and was considering selling him… so, as a last ditch effort, i gave him a new faceup.

puck - fairyland pukipuki daisy dayes faun |

puck - fairyland pukipuki daisy dayes faun |

much better! it made me really fall in love with him, and has spurred me on to finally completing him. on his to-do list is –

  • a new wig (a bit like this hopefully)
  • new antlers and a tail (hopefully from Sparrow’s Shop on Etsy)
  • new shorts/overalls (my original plan for him was to have knitted pants, so i probably need to commission some. at the same time i’d like to get him a cardigan – Winter can get cold!)

not sure when this will be complete as i am on a bit of a spending hiatus (except for something sooooo amazingly exciting that i bought last week and i cannot wait to show off when it comes in!) but it’s nice to have a firm plan for Puck.

puck - fairyland pukipuki daisy dayes faun |

i think he’s happy about that, too ๐Ÿ™‚


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