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long time, no write :)

hello! well, i certainly didn’t plan to be away from the blog for so long, but work, holidays and just general life got in the way.

i’ve still been playing around and planning things for my dolls, but i have hardly shared anything on DoA or even Flickr. here’s a short summary, though –

  • 95% finished Annabel’s list (even though I did order new eyes, i have decided that they’re a bit too dark so I have another pair on order)
  • i have started working on Gabriel’s list, which i will try and share shortly
  • i ordered and received a new Aileen Doll dragon, Shy.
  • i also recieved a replacement Seed dragon as I sold my previous one earlier in the year.
  • i received two teeny tiny baby Aileen Doll dragons!
  • my Pukifee Juri and my TS Pukifee Pio got sent off to the faceup artist (the lovely Anthrogirl on DoA) and came back with fabulous new faces!
  • my gorgeous Pukifee Cupid  (who i have named Samson) arrived 🙂


  • i have ordered two tan Pukifees – a Flora and a Vanilla, and have been making plans for them


(not my photos)

and finally, I have fallen in love with a couple of dolls from a fairly new company, Dolli-Pop. i haven’t ordered these yet, but that doesn’t stop me making plans!



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annabel’s list

as i mentioned in my previous post, the first doll that i want to ‘finish’ is Annabel, my Pukifee Bonnie in NS. as she is my oldest doll, it only seems fair that i complete her look first 🙂

initially Annabel had an aqua colour scheme, but i have switched things around and now she will be primarily yellow. there are a couple of reasons for this – one is that i absolutely loooove the colour aqua on Pippin at the moment, so it will likely become her colour (again!), and the second reason (and probably more significant) has to do with Annabel’s blonde curly wig. this wig is my favourite wig on her by far, yet she wasn’t wearing it much because she was often wearing her aqua wig. however, when i sold Obelia, i started switching things around, and i realised that Annabel’s curly wig was very close in colour to the pale lemon wig that Obelia used to wear. therefore, if i made her primary colour yellow, i could put her in my favourite wig a lot of the time. win-win!


annabel |

(this wig is all kinds of crazy, but I love it!)

so, with her colour scheme locked down, it was time to make a list of what she needed –

  • new eyes
  • decision on which animal she would morph into
  • some new clothes
  • some new accessories




(not my photos)

and here is where i am up to!

  • a pair of Mako eyes have been ordered for her. i have been wanting a pair of these for so long!
  • i think that have finally decided that she will be a duckling. i have been obsessed with little yellow ducklings ever since i was a kid, so i think that is the perfect option for my favourite doll 🙂 i have some white Fairyland Littlefee wings that i plan to customise with yellow and I might try to make a little tail, too! i also found these cute duckling items on Etsy –


  • two dresses ordered
  • socks have been ordered

it feels good to have a plan!


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i love colour. that would come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, and has seen my house. for me, there are seven perfect colours – aqua blue, pale pink, lemon yellow, apricot, minty green, light purple and red (with red always in moderation!) in decorating, i always use these against a white or off white background.

as i am drawn to these colours so much, i have somewhat unconsciously steered my pukifee colour schemes towards this colour palette. each of my Pukifees has a fantasy hair colour, and i am finding more and more that I prefer that they stay in these wigs – I love seeing them as a colourful little bunch 🙂

as it stands at the moment, here are the details of my Pukifees and their predominate colour scheme (sorry this pic is so dark!) –

pukifees |


Gabriel – red/burgundy

Pippin – aqua

Reverie – purple

Dashiell – apricot (though he may change to a minty green once he returns from his faceup)

Annabel – the tricky one. she was initially aqua, but i think i have now settled on pale yellow for her!

(unfortunately i had to sell my tan Vanilla. this picture really makes me want to replace her at some stage…)

so… that still leaves me with pink and either apricot or green to use (plus i am thinking of adding a periwinkle blue), and you know what that means? room for more Pukifees!



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just quickly dropping this in here, because i love it.

this is my favourite profile 🙂

gabriel |


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i was browsing my Instagram account today, and i noticed that Xanthi had posted a picture of her tan skin Pukifee Bonnie… and my heart sank. her Bonnie is an absolutely beautiful tan skin girl, with aqua hair, and is called Pip.

i know that Xanthi has had this doll for quite a while, so i will be changing Pippin’s look.

here is her current new look (this may not be her final one), and she will also possibly get a name change – if i can find one that suits her!

pippin |


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i was browsing through past posts from my blog the other day (looking for inspiration on new entries), when I realised that I had never introduced my new tan Pio here. how remiss of me 🙂

ever since i received my two tan dolls from Fairyland’s first Pukifee tan event and saw how adorable they were, i have had a tan Pukifee Pio on my wishlist. you could say he was the grail doll for me – the one i would ensure i purchased, no matter what.

i ordered this little cutie in the last week of the event last November. he was ordered through DDE, so i expected at least a four month wait, but he surprised me by arriving in just over two months.  he doesn’t have a faceup (this perhaps was why he arrived a little quicker), and i am still deliberating as to who i will commission. i wasn’t ready for his arrival, and to be honest, i still haven’t got much for him. luckily for him, i have plenty of clothes that he can share!

dashiell |

i’m not sure that this will be his final wig, but i plan for him to keep the glasses (depending on whether or not they will damage his eventual faceup).

dashiell |

i have named him Dashiell, as he and Gabriel will be best buddies and i thought the names worked together quite well.

dashiell & gabriel |

he is simply adorable ❤


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dressing up.

well, it appears I have a LOT of Pukifee clothes. and shoes. and wigs.

so, in order to utilise these more (and for a bit of fun) i have decided to start an outfit of the day project. I will try to take a picture of a new outfit at least every couple of days, and I will be posting them on my instagram and flickr pages, but I will also showcase them here in groups. at this stage, my plan is only to use Annabel as a model, as i’d like to show the diversity of looks you can achieve with the one sculpt, but I reserve the right to change my mind about this down the track!

outfits1 |

1. my favourite outfit and wig on her

2. the first outfit i ever bought her

3. i love this dress and boots combo (and the ducky button on the dress just kills me 🙂 )

4. channeling Alice at a tea party


outfits2 |

5. a cutie tomboy in overalls

6. goldilocks in denim rompers

7. i adore this pastel combo!

8. ready for bed 🙂


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pukifees |

for now, anyway…

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reverie’s wig

i finally got it to fit!

reverie |

after much pulling and stretching (i had a blank event faceplate on the doll during this), i did manage to fit on a Pukifee. i’m so pleased – i love it ❤

reverie |

isn’t she cute?

reverie |


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icis arrives.

after about a four month wait, my Pukifee Icis full set arrived from DDE, and she is so wide-eyed and adorable!

lorelai |

her name is Reverie.

a couple of issues with the full set, though – her neck is floppy (but a silicon kip will fix that), her wig does not fit (it seems too small, and i don’t want to force it in case i scratch her face up), one of her stockings is a different pattern to the other and is waaay too small to go over her foot, and – she has no knickers. now, the fullset may not ever have included knickers, but since she came with a skirt i would have expected knickers or bloomers – but that’s just me (without underwear, you’re undressed!)

of all the issues, i’m most disappointed with the wig not fitting, because i wanted to use it on her, and it is one of the main reasons that i upgraded to the full set doll. i think i’ll try putting it on a doll using my blank NF event faceplate that i received a few months ago, and hopefully i can figure out how it fits and/or stretch it a bit.

here is her cute sleepy face –

 lorelai |

and in her full set outfit (minus the wig and stockings, of course) –

 lorelai |

all of my dolls have a primary colour scheme, which translates into their fantasy hair colour, plus a “normal” hair colour. with Reverie, i always knew she would be my purple girl, but i wasn’t sure about her normal hair colour – however looking at this photo, i think that she’s meant to be a redhead! (this was a freebie wig i received from a seller i bought some secondhand clothes from and i tried it on Reverie on a whim…)

 lorelai |

and with her fantasy hair (this is where i wanted to use her default wig) –

 lorelai |

because i ordered Reverie during an event i was eligible to receive the Pukifee Juri 2014 event plate, and i must say it is very cute. eventually she will get a faceup and a body and join my crew (yes – i do already have plans – and a name – for her!)

juri event head |

and then there were five (again 🙂 )

pukifees |


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