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black backgrounds.

after seeing Tea Party Revolution taking pictures on her Flickr of her dolls against a black background, i decided to give it a try with my crew. i just used an A3 sized sketchbook that i had on hand as the backdrop, and wow, does it ever make the colours pop!

gabriel |



obelia |

annabel |

sebastian |

aurelia |

i won’t use a black background all the time, but it’s certainly nice to have another option 🙂




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a beautiful new addition.

during my period of disappearance, i received a doll that I had been wanting for quite a long time. if i had a grail doll, she was it. she is also the biggest doll i have ever received, and my first mature doll. but, funnily enough, she’s still considered a tiny as she’s only 30cm! here she is –

rhubarbe |

rhubarbe |

rhubarbe |


rhubarbe |


she is a Noble Dolls Rhubarbe, from Jpop Dolls. she doesn’t have a name as yet, but i absolutely adore her. she has the cutest little (or should i say ‘big’!) booty, and her resin feels so smooth and lovely. when i ordered her, i was quite undecided as to whether to order a faceup or not (i didn’t think much of the faceup in the sales pictures, but most faceup artists are not in Australia, and there’s a risk when sending faceplates overseas, plus you have a faceless doll for a while!) but in the end, i am so glad i did! her faceup is beautiful, delicate and perfect.

now just to think of the perfect name for her!

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