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to buy, or not to buy – part 2.5.

okay, well – as much as i would really love to buy the Brown Tan Lati White Belle, something happened today to scuttle those plans…

this happened –

aileen doll pico dragon |

(photo courtesy of

oh my freaking goodness it’s a baby dragon! a purple baby dragon!

and look at it in proportion to the other dragon –

aileen doll pico dragon |

(photo courtesy of

it’s a teeny, tiny, adorable, purple baby dragon. with a dummy (pacifier).

i’m dying of cuteness overload right now…

chances are that this little cutie will be a limited edition, so i don’t want to chance missing out. if i could guarantee that the dragon was a basic item, i would have possibly tried to buy one of the Lati Whites, but since Aileen Doll only posted the teaser for these today there’s not any info about the release yet.

i can’t afford both, so that means that i have to save my pennies for the baby dragon!

EDIT: Aileen Doll have announced that the baby dragon will be limited in number, over two order dates. on each order date 50 blank baby dragons and 40 blushed baby dragons will be available.


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to buy, or not to buy – part 2.

Lati has posted a preview pic of a dark tan Lati White Belle (?) on their Facebook page…

(photo taken from

she is adorable. i was regretting not getting the Dark Crunchy Haru from earlier this year, but now i think this little one is even cuter. now just to wait to find out how much she is and whether she is limited!

EDIT: she’s definitely a Lati White Belle, and she’s super limited! only 19 are being sold at 12.00 am (Korean time) on October 17th.

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update – to buy, or not to buy.

in the end, i didn’t purchase a Lati White. although i love the look of him, the size concerns me and i think i would much prefer that sculpt and skin tone in a Lati Yellow size – so now i just have to hope that Lati releases my dream doll!

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to buy, or not to buy.

that is the question.

meet Lati White Haru – Dark Crunchy version.


(photo taken from

one the plus side, he’s super super cute, i have long loved the Haru sculpt and he’s such a beautiful skin tone.


he’s very, very small and i am concerned he would essentially be an ornament. plus i shouldn’t be purchasing any dolls at the moment due to my impending move.


do i wait and hope that they produce a Lati Yellow sized doll in this skintone? based on the reaction to this doll i think it’s likely but i’d only want a Haru (or possibly Lea sculpt). i could probably get him second hand later down the track but it would likely be at scalper’s prices.

orders close March 21st so i have to decide soon…

has anyone had a Lati White before? did you find them too small? thoughts are welcome!


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