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on the hunt.

Barkley has caught on to an appealing scent…

barkley |

*sniff, sniff, sniff*

barkley |

*found it! smells good…*

barkley |

*nom nom nom*

barkley |

Me: “hey, you can’t eat that – chocolate isn’t good for dogs!”

barkley |



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a hound’s tale.

once upon a time, i was browsing flickr when I spied the cutest little creature i had ever seen – a tiny bjd dog. this cutie had the sweetest expression, and was a perfect size companion for pukifees. there were no tags on the photo to identify where this cute creature had come from, but after much hunting i discovered that they were the creation of DaisyDayes – an amazing bjd sculptor. i was familiar with DaisyDayes’ work, as my little Puck has a pair of her hooved legs designed for PukiPukis, and i had also seen her adorable little dolls for sale on JPop Dolls. this cute little dog didn’t appear to be sold by JPop, and i suspected it was sold directly by the artist. after requesting permission to view the artist’s photos on flickr, this was confirmed. then came the wait. the wait for more darling little hounds to be made.

a batch was released – in the middle of the night Australian time. i missed out 😦

then the preview of another batch was shown – only four puppies. when that preview came out, i set my alarm to go off every two hours the following night – they weren’t listed for sale.

days later the individual photos of the four puppies were shown – but still not listed for sale. in those individual photos one pup in particular caught my eye, but the chances of getting him were slim – only four puppies, and timezones working against me…

the following day i checked my flickr every 15 minutes religiously, and that night i once again set my alarm to go off every two hours (if i didn’t have to work the next day, i probably would have tried to stay awake all night 🙂 ). luckily for me, when the first alarm went off, i saw that the pups were listed for sale – 40 minutes prior. i was certain i had missed out, but lo and behold, when i went to check – three of the dogs had sold, and one was left. amazingly, the one that was left was the one i had wanted, so i shot off a quick email. i quickly heard back that he was already on hold, but if it fell through DaisyDayes would let me know. i checked my emails the next time my alarm went off… and found out he was mine! yay, yay, yay!

here he is –

mousse daisydayes hound |


i hope to take some more photos of him soon, showing off more of his adorableness (that’s a word, right? 🙂 )

i feel so lucky to have been able to buy one of DaisyDayes adorable hounds after wanting one for many months.

Daisy Dayes named him Mousse (as in chocolate, i presume), but i’m really considering renaming him Barkley – because i think that’s the most awesome dog name ever. followed closely by Digby – which i am reserving in case i ever get another of these fabulous puppies!

isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve seen???


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