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i was browsing through past posts from my blog the other day (looking for inspiration on new entries), when I realised that I had never introduced my new tan Pio here. how remiss of me 🙂

ever since i received my two tan dolls from Fairyland’s first Pukifee tan event and saw how adorable they were, i have had a tan Pukifee Pio on my wishlist. you could say he was the grail doll for me – the one i would ensure i purchased, no matter what.

i ordered this little cutie in the last week of the event last November. he was ordered through DDE, so i expected at least a four month wait, but he surprised me by arriving in just over two months.  he doesn’t have a faceup (this perhaps was why he arrived a little quicker), and i am still deliberating as to who i will commission. i wasn’t ready for his arrival, and to be honest, i still haven’t got much for him. luckily for him, i have plenty of clothes that he can share!

dashiell |

i’m not sure that this will be his final wig, but i plan for him to keep the glasses (depending on whether or not they will damage his eventual faceup).

dashiell |

i have named him Dashiell, as he and Gabriel will be best buddies and i thought the names worked together quite well.

dashiell & gabriel |

he is simply adorable ❤



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icis arrives.

after about a four month wait, my Pukifee Icis full set arrived from DDE, and she is so wide-eyed and adorable!

lorelai |

her name is Reverie.

a couple of issues with the full set, though – her neck is floppy (but a silicon kip will fix that), her wig does not fit (it seems too small, and i don’t want to force it in case i scratch her face up), one of her stockings is a different pattern to the other and is waaay too small to go over her foot, and – she has no knickers. now, the fullset may not ever have included knickers, but since she came with a skirt i would have expected knickers or bloomers – but that’s just me (without underwear, you’re undressed!)

of all the issues, i’m most disappointed with the wig not fitting, because i wanted to use it on her, and it is one of the main reasons that i upgraded to the full set doll. i think i’ll try putting it on a doll using my blank NF event faceplate that i received a few months ago, and hopefully i can figure out how it fits and/or stretch it a bit.

here is her cute sleepy face –

 lorelai |

and in her full set outfit (minus the wig and stockings, of course) –

 lorelai |

all of my dolls have a primary colour scheme, which translates into their fantasy hair colour, plus a “normal” hair colour. with Reverie, i always knew she would be my purple girl, but i wasn’t sure about her normal hair colour – however looking at this photo, i think that she’s meant to be a redhead! (this was a freebie wig i received from a seller i bought some secondhand clothes from and i tried it on Reverie on a whim…)

 lorelai |

and with her fantasy hair (this is where i wanted to use her default wig) –

 lorelai |

because i ordered Reverie during an event i was eligible to receive the Pukifee Juri 2014 event plate, and i must say it is very cute. eventually she will get a faceup and a body and join my crew (yes – i do already have plans – and a name – for her!)

juri event head |

and then there were five (again 🙂 )

pukifees |


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ho, ho, haul.

so i may have treated myself to a few bjd (and non-bjd) items for Christmas, and this is the haul i received in one day… oops!

some lovelies from Typo…

christmas haul |

Pukifee shoes from TTYA…

Pukifee boy clothes and cap from Clear-Lan…

and a Blythe collar (for Aurelia) from Miss Blythe on Etsy…

christmas haul |

and, ooh! what’s in that box? (hint: it’s from DDE 🙂 )

christmas haul |

my Pukifee Icis full set and Pukifee Juri event plate! (i’ll show them in more detail in a separate post)

 icis full set |

fun times!


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first ordered, second arrival.

as i mentioned, Pukifee Ante was the first doll i ordered – on layaway through Denver Doll Emporium. an instock Bonnie beat her home, though 🙂

my Ante arrived at DDE much quicker than the 3 months that i was quoted, so i paid her off early and anxiously awaited her arrival.

when she arrived home though, i was a little disappointed to be honest. she was cute… but compared to Annabel, her cheeks and overall face were just sooo big!

fairyland pukifee bonnie & ante comparison |

fairyland pukifee bonnie & ante comparison |

(see how big it is in comparison?)

because of this, and also because I had such a hard time finding a wig that suited her (and i couldn’t understand how i could love everyone else’s Antes, but mine was just not working), it took me a long while to bond. eventually, she found her look, and her name – Emmeline.

emmeline - fairyland bjd pukifee ante |

i love her now 🙂

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