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long time, no write :)

hello! well, i certainly didn’t plan to be away from the blog for so long, but work, holidays and just general life got in the way.

i’ve still been playing around and planning things for my dolls, but i have hardly shared anything on DoA or even Flickr. here’s a short summary, though –

  • 95% finished Annabel’s list (even though I did order new eyes, i have decided that they’re a bit too dark so I have another pair on order)
  • i have started working on Gabriel’s list, which i will try and share shortly
  • i ordered and received a new Aileen Doll dragon, Shy.
  • i also recieved a replacement Seed dragon as I sold my previous one earlier in the year.
  • i received two teeny tiny baby Aileen Doll dragons!
  • my Pukifee Juri and my TS Pukifee Pio got sent off to the faceup artist (the lovely Anthrogirl on DoA) and came back with fabulous new faces!
  • my gorgeous Pukifee Cupid  (who i have named Samson) arrived 🙂


  • i have ordered two tan Pukifees – a Flora and a Vanilla, and have been making plans for them


(not my photos)

and finally, I have fallen in love with a couple of dolls from a fairly new company, Dolli-Pop. i haven’t ordered these yet, but that doesn’t stop me making plans!



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i love colour. that would come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, and has seen my house. for me, there are seven perfect colours – aqua blue, pale pink, lemon yellow, apricot, minty green, light purple and red (with red always in moderation!) in decorating, i always use these against a white or off white background.

as i am drawn to these colours so much, i have somewhat unconsciously steered my pukifee colour schemes towards this colour palette. each of my Pukifees has a fantasy hair colour, and i am finding more and more that I prefer that they stay in these wigs – I love seeing them as a colourful little bunch 🙂

as it stands at the moment, here are the details of my Pukifees and their predominate colour scheme (sorry this pic is so dark!) –

pukifees |


Gabriel – red/burgundy

Pippin – aqua

Reverie – purple

Dashiell – apricot (though he may change to a minty green once he returns from his faceup)

Annabel – the tricky one. she was initially aqua, but i think i have now settled on pale yellow for her!

(unfortunately i had to sell my tan Vanilla. this picture really makes me want to replace her at some stage…)

so… that still leaves me with pink and either apricot or green to use (plus i am thinking of adding a periwinkle blue), and you know what that means? room for more Pukifees!



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missing… (yes, that was me for a few months!)

i haven’t posted on here, and have hardly posted on DOA, Flickr or Instagram, either. but, i have still been playing with my dolls. i have unfortunately had to say goodbye to a couple – my tan Pukifee Vanilla and my Aileen Doll Seed dragon, though i did keep my dragon’s sleeping plate as i plan to replace him (and the sleeping plate was a limited part). it’s probable that i will replace my Vanilla, too, at some point. i also briefly had my tan Pukifee Bonnie and tan Pio for sale, but i changed my mind on that and decided to keep them. yay 🙂

so, what’s happening now? i have decided it’s time to complete my dolls, though i am not rushing in to doing it all at once. to start with, i have sent my tan Pio faceplates (both OE and SP), my Juri event faceplate off for faceups,  as well my Noble Dolls Rhubarbe’s hands and feet for a manicure and pedicure. this is my first time sending any doll parts out to someone else, and i’m honestly a bit nervous about it…

next on my agenda is to complete Annabel. she was my first doll (and is still my favourite!), so she gets the royal treatment first 🙂




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i made the right decision…

… changing Sebastian into Pip, because how amazingly cute is she???

pip |

pip |

(and, yes – she has stolen Annabel’s blue hair 🙂 )




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happy easter 2015!

happy easter |

happy easter from my cute little bunnies. i hope you have a lovely easter weekend xxx




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2015 (and beyond) wishlist.

i thought that i’d document my ultimate bjd purchasing wishlist, though this is not necessarily just for 2015, but ongoing. i feel that i have purchased quite a few dolls in a relatively short space of time (thirteen dolls – that are still with me (three have already been onsold) in 2 1/2 years), so it’s time to slow down. in terms of dolls, it feels like i am close to reaching the end of my wishlist (those are famous last words!) and it feels good. i have learnt a bit more about what dolls i love and will stick with me – it’s obvious that i love Pukifees, but as much as i admire them, i haven’t held on to my anthro (i.e. half animal/half human) dolls. i’ve rehomed both my Tiny Delf Alice Centaur and my Zuzu Delf Rumi as they no longer fit with me. yet, i love my dragons, because they are 100% dragon, not a combination of both human and dragon. so, moving forward – only human dolls or pure animal (they can still be fantasy dolls but without a human element) dolls for me 🙂

starting off with dolls, here’s my wishlist –

  • Pukifee Cupid full set with sleeping plate
  • Pukifee Multihead Zefi (possibly blank) – i will use the body for my Pukifee Juri event plate
  • PukiPuki body – to use with the Multihead Zefi head
  • Eve the Cat cat bjd (this is a bit of a dream, really 🙂


and other items –

  • faceup for my Pukifee Juri event plate
  • faceups for both OE and SP Pukifee Pio TS plates
  • eyes for Ignis, my Aileen Doll Seed dragon
  • new eyes for Roux, my Aileen Doll Rot dragon (i have 16mm eyes in him and he really needs 18mm)
  • new eyes for Boo, my Aileen Doll Picot Violet dragon (her current eyes are fine, but i always knew i would change them at a later date to a different pair)
  • fantasy coloured wigs for Sebastian, TS Pio and Cupid
  • Mako eyes for all of my Pukifees
  • an aqua mohair wig for Annabel
  • a pink mohair wig for Juri
  • knitted Pukifee rompers from PitaPota for my Pukifee girls (Annabel already has hers)

annabel |

  • Cachoou rompers in aqua and pink
  • a couple more Little Amelie rompers
  • RubyRed Galleria Pukifee sneakers in blue
  • TTYA jeans and overalls for my new Pukifee boys

and in the creation of my morphlings (which i still haven’t expanded on) –

  • various ears and tails for all Pukifees except Annabel (she already has her dragonfly wings)

annabel |

and a complete maybe – because i love her, but i am not sure that she would fit in –

  • Lati White Belle in Dark Tan skin (would have to be picked up on the secondhand market)


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ho, ho, haul.

so i may have treated myself to a few bjd (and non-bjd) items for Christmas, and this is the haul i received in one day… oops!

some lovelies from Typo…

christmas haul |

Pukifee shoes from TTYA…

Pukifee boy clothes and cap from Clear-Lan…

and a Blythe collar (for Aurelia) from Miss Blythe on Etsy…

christmas haul |

and, ooh! what’s in that box? (hint: it’s from DDE 🙂 )

christmas haul |

my Pukifee Icis full set and Pukifee Juri event plate! (i’ll show them in more detail in a separate post)

 icis full set |

fun times!


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happy christmas to all…

… and to all a good night*

from me and my crew to you and yours, wishing you a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year 🙂

 merry christmas |

*title from my favourite Christmas story, The Night Before Christmas.



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black backgrounds.

after seeing Tea Party Revolution taking pictures on her Flickr of her dolls against a black background, i decided to give it a try with my crew. i just used an A3 sized sketchbook that i had on hand as the backdrop, and wow, does it ever make the colours pop!

gabriel |



obelia |

annabel |

sebastian |

aurelia |

i won’t use a black background all the time, but it’s certainly nice to have another option 🙂



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quick updates.

here’s a quick update on what’s happening around here!

i have on order –

  • Aileen Doll Violet (i am hoping she will arrive before Christmas)
  • Pukifee Icis fullset in natural skin (i am not expecting her until January)
  • Pukifee Juri event faceplate – i cannot wait for this, i think she will be so cute!
  • Pukifee Pio in tan skin (just ordered so he will take forever). i have also ordered him blank (eek!) so i will have to send him out for a faceup.

heading to/looking for new homes –

  • Pukifee Cony fullset – on layaway
  • Tiny Delf Centaur Alice – on layaway
  • Zuzu Delf Rumi – still looking for love sold!

and i am considering a change to one of my other dolls, but i’ll keep that close to my chest for now!



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