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saving pennies…

… for this!


(photos belong to Aileen Doll)

this cutie is a new dragon that Aileen Doll have previewed on their Flickr account – he’s a dragon/deer/bird and he’s yellow! I have been wanting them to make a yellow one 🙂 also, look at that tiny sleeping baby dragon – an event gift maybe? eek! i can’t wait!


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just quickly dropping this in here, because i love it.

this is my favourite profile 🙂

gabriel |


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missing… (yes, that was me for a few months!)

i haven’t posted on here, and have hardly posted on DOA, Flickr or Instagram, either. but, i have still been playing with my dolls. i have unfortunately had to say goodbye to a couple – my tan Pukifee Vanilla and my Aileen Doll Seed dragon, though i did keep my dragon’s sleeping plate as i plan to replace him (and the sleeping plate was a limited part). it’s probable that i will replace my Vanilla, too, at some point. i also briefly had my tan Pukifee Bonnie and tan Pio for sale, but i changed my mind on that and decided to keep them. yay 🙂

so, what’s happening now? i have decided it’s time to complete my dolls, though i am not rushing in to doing it all at once. to start with, i have sent my tan Pio faceplates (both OE and SP), my Juri event faceplate off for faceups,  as well my Noble Dolls Rhubarbe’s hands and feet for a manicure and pedicure. this is my first time sending any doll parts out to someone else, and i’m honestly a bit nervous about it…

next on my agenda is to complete Annabel. she was my first doll (and is still my favourite!), so she gets the royal treatment first 🙂




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