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i was browsing my Instagram account today, and i noticed that Xanthi had posted a picture of her tan skin Pukifee Bonnie… and my heart sank. her Bonnie is an absolutely beautiful tan skin girl, with aqua hair, and is called Pip.

i know that Xanthi has had this doll for quite a while, so i will be changing Pippin’s look.

here is her current new look (this may not be her final one), and she will also possibly get a name change – if i can find one that suits her!

pippin |



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i was browsing through past posts from my blog the other day (looking for inspiration on new entries), when I realised that I had never introduced my new tan Pio here. how remiss of me ๐Ÿ™‚

ever since i received my two tan dolls from Fairyland’s first Pukifee tan event and saw how adorable they were, i have had a tan Pukifee Pio on my wishlist. you could say he was the grail doll for me – the one i would ensure i purchased, no matter what.

i ordered this little cutie in the last week of the event last November. he was ordered through DDE, so i expected at least a four month wait, but he surprised me by arriving in just over two months. ย he doesn’t have a faceup (this perhaps was why he arrived a little quicker), and i am still deliberating as to who i will commission. i wasn’t ready for his arrival, and to be honest, i still haven’t got much for him. luckily for him, i have plenty of clothes that he can share!

dashiell |

i’m not sure that this will be his final wig, but i plan for him to keep the glasses (depending on whether or not they will damage his eventual faceup).

dashiell |

i have named him Dashiell, as he and Gabriel will be best buddies and i thought the names worked together quite well.

dashiell & gabriel |

he is simply adorable โค


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i made the right decision…

… changing Sebastian into Pip, because how amazingly cute is she???

pip |

pip |

(and, yes – she has stolen Annabel’s blue hair ๐Ÿ™‚ )




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happy easter 2015!

happy easter |

happy easter from my cute little bunnies. i hope you have a lovely easter weekend xxx




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