i ordered 6 white t-shirts for my Pukifees from an Etsy shop. the plan was to dye three into colours i was after, and leave three white. i really wanted short sleeved t shirts because i figured it would look better with the Pukifee boys’ overalls. they took 2 months to arrive – and even though i ordered short sleeved, i would classify all 6 shirts i received as long sleeved.

here is one of the shirts on Gabriel (with the sleeves rolled up twice).

gabriel | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

they are well made and cute, but they are just not what i wanted, and honestly, considering it took two months to receive these, i really can’t be bothered making a complaint.

it’s not a big deal, i’m just disappointed, really.


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  1. I feel for you M, it’s bad enough waiting 2 months for dolls, but clothes should be reaching anywhere in the world in 2-3 weeks. Was it the postal system that was to blame for the long delay, or were they shipped later than you were told? If it was the later I would be really p***d off and would certainly go back and change my review, especially seeing as you didn’t get what you actually ordered! Perhaps letting the shop name slip on your blog wouldn’t be such a bad thing either!

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