2015 (and beyond) wishlist.

i thought that i’d document my ultimate bjd purchasing wishlist, though this is not necessarily just for 2015, but ongoing. i feel that i have purchased quite a few dolls in a relatively short space of time (thirteen dolls – that are still with me (three have already been onsold) in 2 1/2 years), so it’s time to slow down. in terms of dolls, it feels like i am close to reaching the end of my wishlist (those are famous last words!) and it feels good. i have learnt a bit more about what dolls i love and will stick with me – it’s obvious that i love Pukifees, but as much as i admire them, i haven’t held on to my anthro (i.e. half animal/half human) dolls. i’ve rehomed both my Tiny Delf Alice Centaur and my Zuzu Delf Rumi as they no longer fit with me. yet, i love my dragons, because they are 100% dragon, not a combination of both human and dragon. so, moving forward – only human dolls or pure animal (they can still be fantasy dolls but without a human element) dolls for me πŸ™‚

starting off with dolls, here’s my wishlist –

  • Pukifee Cupid full set with sleeping plate
  • Pukifee Multihead Zefi (possibly blank) – i will use the body for my Pukifee Juri event plate
  • PukiPuki body – to use with the Multihead Zefi head
  • Eve the Cat cat bjd (this is a bit of a dream, really πŸ™‚


and other items –

  • faceup for my Pukifee Juri event plate
  • faceups for both OE and SP Pukifee Pio TS plates
  • eyes for Ignis, my Aileen Doll Seed dragon
  • new eyes for Roux, my Aileen Doll Rot dragon (i have 16mm eyes in him and he really needs 18mm)
  • new eyes for Boo, my Aileen Doll Picot Violet dragon (her current eyes are fine, but i always knew i would change them at a later date to a different pair)
  • fantasy coloured wigs for Sebastian, TS Pio and Cupid
  • Mako eyes for all of my Pukifees
  • an aqua mohair wig for Annabel
  • a pink mohair wig for Juri
  • knitted Pukifee rompers from PitaPota for my Pukifee girls (Annabel already has hers)

annabel | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

  • Cachoou rompers in aqua and pink
  • a couple more Little Amelie rompers
  • RubyRed Galleria Pukifee sneakers in blue
  • TTYA jeans and overalls for my new Pukifee boys

and in the creation of my morphlings (which i still haven’t expanded on) –

  • various ears and tails for all Pukifees except Annabel (she already has her dragonfly wings)

annabel | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

and a complete maybe – because i love her, but i am not sure that she would fit in –

  • Lati White Belle in Dark Tan skin (would have to be picked up on the secondhand market)



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  1. Good to see you have it all mapped out M. πŸ™‚

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