icis arrives.

after about a four month wait, my Pukifee Icis full set arrived from DDE, and she is so wide-eyed and adorable!

lorelai | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

her name is Reverie.

a couple of issues with the full set, though – her neck is floppy (but a silicon kip will fix that), her wig does not fit (it seems too small, and i don’t want to force it in case i scratch her face up), one of her stockings is a different pattern to the other and is waaay too small to go over her foot, and – she has no knickers. now, the fullset may not ever have included knickers, but since she came with a skirt i would have expected knickers or bloomers – but that’s just me (without underwear, you’re undressed!)

of all the issues, i’m most disappointed with the wig not fitting, because i wanted to use it on her, and it is one of the main reasons that i upgraded to the full set doll. i think i’ll try putting it on a doll using my blank NF event faceplate that i received a few months ago, and hopefully i can figure out how it fits and/or stretch it a bit.

here is her cute sleepy face –

 lorelai | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

and in her full set outfit (minus the wig and stockings, of course) –

 lorelai | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

all of my dolls have a primary colour scheme, which translates into their fantasy hair colour, plus a “normal” hair colour. with Reverie, i always knew she would be my purple girl, but i wasn’t sure about her normal hair colour – however looking at this photo, i think that she’s meant to be a redhead! (this was a freebie wig i received from a seller i bought some secondhand clothes from and i tried it on Reverie on a whim…)

 lorelai | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

and with her fantasy hair (this is where i wanted to use her default wig) –

 lorelai | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

because i ordered Reverie during an event i was eligible to receive the Pukifee Juri 2014 event plate, and i must say it is very cute. eventually she will get a faceup and a body and join my crew (yes – i do already have plans – and a name – for her!)

juri event head | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

and then there were five (again 🙂 )

pukifees | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com



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4 responses to “icis arrives.

  1. Not long now before there will be six! Glad to see the family growing again. 🙂

  2. I absolutely see why you’re disappointed in the fullset being such a failure (at least hair and sock wise). When you buy a fullset doll, you sort of expect everything to…I dunno, actually fit on the doll?! I’d absolutely try poking DDE and make them contact Fairyland.
    Other than that, Reverie is so cute, congrats on her! n_n

    • thank you! yeah, funnily enough i was expecting the full set outfit to fit! i’ll have a play with the wig this weekend, and if i can’t get it to work i might try contacting DDE – not sure if they’ll be able to help but it may be worth a try 🙂

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