ho, ho, haul.

so i may have treated myself to a few bjd (and non-bjd) items for Christmas, and this is the haul i received in one day… oops!

some lovelies from Typo…

christmas haul | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

Pukifee shoes from TTYA…

Pukifee boy clothes and cap from Clear-Lan…

and a Blythe collar (for Aurelia) from Miss Blythe on Etsy…

christmas haul | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

and, ooh! what’s in that box? (hint: it’s from DDE 🙂 )

christmas haul | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

my Pukifee Icis full set and Pukifee Juri event plate! (i’ll show them in more detail in a separate post)

 icis full set | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

fun times!



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