black backgrounds.

after seeing Tea Party Revolution taking pictures on her Flickr of her dolls against a black background, i decided to give it a try with my crew. i just used an A3 sized sketchbook that i had on hand as the backdrop, and wow, does it ever make the colours pop!

gabriel |



obelia |

annabel |

sebastian |

aurelia |

i won’t use a black background all the time, but it’s certainly nice to have another option 🙂




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One response to “black backgrounds.

  1. Xanadu

    Hey they look really good M! However I must admit, with your lovely pastel look I think I still prefer to see your crew photographed against a lighter background. Of course that maybe because they all have softer personalities than TPR’s little evil & mischievous critters. 🙂

    If I don’t get a chance before, I hope you have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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