quick updates.

here’s a quick update on what’s happening around here!

i have on order –

  • Aileen Doll Violet (i am hoping she will arrive before Christmas)
  • Pukifee Icis fullset in natural skin (i am not expecting her until January)
  • Pukifee Juri event faceplate – i cannot wait for this, i think she will be so cute!
  • Pukifee Pio in tan skin (just ordered so he will take forever). i have also ordered him blank (eek!) so i will have to send him out for a faceup.

heading to/looking for new homes –

  • Pukifee Cony fullset – on layaway
  • Tiny Delf Centaur Alice – on layaway
  • Zuzu Delf Rumi – still looking for love sold!

and i am considering a change to one of my other dolls, but i’ll keep that close to my chest for now!




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5 responses to “quick updates.

  1. Xanadu

    Whoo hoo another Pio!!! And in TAN!! Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for this one M.

  2. Descending Sky

    I can’t wait to see your icis!
    I ❤ icis (even if she isn't very popular)

    • she doesn’t seem overly popular, does she? however, i am so excited to be finally getting her – the anticipation is a bit like when i ordered my first pukifee. i have to try to stop remembering she’s on order, because otherwise the wait feels like too much!

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