puck’s perfect pants (produced by pooklet).

as part of my plans to rejuvenate my cute little Puck, i wanted to get him some new pants. i initially envisaged him wearing little knitted pants, but that was waaay out of the realm of possibility in terms of me being able to make them. luckily for me, a fellow local hobbyist (the lovely Pooklet) offered to make them for me, and they are perfect for Puck! they even have a little button on the cuff to ensure that they fit over his little hoovies 🙂

puck | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.com

how awesome are they???




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2 responses to “puck’s perfect pants (produced by pooklet).

  1. Xanadu

    The look fab! Pooklet’s an excellent knitter, I have a couple of pieces she made for my larger dolls and they are superbly done.

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