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quick updates.

here’s a quick update on what’s happening around here!

i have on order –

  • Aileen Doll Violet (i am hoping she will arrive before Christmas)
  • Pukifee Icis fullset in natural skin (i am not expecting her until January)
  • Pukifee Juri event faceplate – i cannot wait for this, i think she will be so cute!
  • Pukifee Pio in tan skin (just ordered so he will take forever). i have also ordered him blank (eek!) so i will have to send him out for a faceup.

heading to/looking for new homes –

  • Pukifee Cony fullset – on layaway
  • Tiny Delf Centaur Alice – on layaway
  • Zuzu Delf Rumi – still looking for love sold!

and i am considering a change to one of my other dolls, but i’ll keep that close to my chest for now!




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a beary cute boy.

finally continuing on the tales of how each of my bjds came to join my family…

around two years ago i impulsively purchased a Pukifee Bonnie faceplate off the DOA marketplace. i have absolutely loved the Bonnie sculpt ever since i got my Annabel, and i thought he would make a perfect brother for her. he did, and he became Sebastian.

annabel & sebastian |

but… then Fairyland (the evil beings that they are 🙂 ) announced a tan skin event. it was the first they’d ever done, i believe (aside from some Choco Pukis in the early days). so, i decided to reshell Sebastian into a tan Pukifee Bonnie. the NS faceplate was sold off quite quickly and i settled in for the loooong wait for my tan babies to arrive (i had also ordered a tan Pukifee Vanilla at the same time).

finally they arrived, and i am honestly very happy with them (my tiniest niggle is that Sebastian’s faceup is a wee bit girly – there’s a lot of gloss on his lips, especially).

sebastian |

however, time and finances mean that Sebastian hasn’t 100% found his final look – but the evolution is part of the fun of these cuties!

sebastian |

he is unbearably (!) cute.


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puck’s perfect pants (produced by pooklet).

as part of my plans to rejuvenate my cute little Puck, i wanted to get him some new pants. i initially envisaged him wearing little knitted pants, but that was waaay out of the realm of possibility in terms of me being able to make them. luckily for me, a fellow local hobbyist (the lovely Pooklet) offered to make them for me, and they are perfect for Puck! they even have a little button on the cuff to ensure that they fit over his little hoovies 🙂

puck |

how awesome are they???



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a new dress.

i have showed off my new Noble Dolls Rhubarbe here, but i don’t think i ever revealed her name – which actually took me quite a while to decide on! it wasn’t until i received her new eyes (they were the optional extra purchase with my Pukifee Cony fullset) that her name became clear. she is now Aurelia 🙂 i think it was something to do with the sparkly eyes that made me think of the heavens, which made me think of Aurora, but then that morphed into Aurelia (which has actually been a name i have loved ever since i saw Love Actually – remember Colin Firth’s housekeeper???) i think it’s perfect for her.

aurelia |

my plan with Aurelia is to try and make some of her clothes, considering she is that bit bigger than Pukifees, which hopefully makes it that bit easier. also, because she is a weird size it’s a harder to buy clothes that i like for her, and i don’t have the funds at the moment to commission any.

here is my first attempt! it’s a really simple effort – a wide broderie anglaise trim became the body of the dress, which meant i did not have to hem the top or bottom, and some smaller broderie anglaise trim became the straps. i simply hemmed the back edges of the dress and sewed the straps on. the dress fastens with a clear press stud – simple, and exactly what i was after for now!

aurelia |

aurelia |

seriously, this is one beautiful doll.


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