hello! long time, no posting  🙂 i’ve called this post ch-ch-changes but not too much has changed around here since i’ve been absent!

the most notable change is that i sold my Pukifee Ante, Emmeline.

emmeline |

so long, Emmeline.

i had been brewing over this decision for quite a while, and when i finally made the decision it felt freeing. if i’m honest, i knew she wasn’t 100% perfect for me from the minute i opened the box…

… which brings me to my next change. i posted here that i ordered a Pukifee Cony fullset as soon as they were announced. she took quite a while to arrive, but once she did, i knew she wasn’t for me, despite how cute she was. it was the same feeling i had when i opened my Ante, so this time i just ran with it and listed her for sale straight away, instead of trying to force a bond for 2+ years! she’s on layaway at the moment to someone in my local community, which is excellent.

pukifee cony |

and then i ordered another Pukifee – Icis this time! i have been wanting Icis for at least a year, but I wasn’t planning to order her just yet, but then Fairyland announced the 2014 Summer event, which had the cutest Pukifee Juri head as an event plate…

pukifee juri | taken from

this will make the cutest little boy, i think! he will be a floating faceplate for a while until i can afford to get him a body, but i will have to figure out where to send him for a faceup. i’ve also got the Pukifee NF event faceplate that was sent with my Cony that I am still figuring out what to do with… so there’s still lots to do, and still more dolly plans! (it never ends, i think 🙂 )


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