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i logged in to Aileen Doll a few minutes before the release time, after much refreshing of my screen i’ve managed to snag one of these cuties!

aileen doll pico dragon |

 (photo taken from

i have ordered her with blushing and eyes. she may not keep these eyes but at only $5 USD they were pretty inexpensive and will do until i can find the perfect pair for her.

i’m thinking she will be called Boo 🙂


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a new arrival.

my Aileen Doll dragon Seed is here. and he’s beautiful!

firstly, Aileen Doll have upgraded their boxes since i last bought a dragon, and they’re really lovely now –

aileen doll seed |

and now to introduce Ignis –

aileen doll seed |

aileen doll seed |

aileen doll seed | ateenytinyworld.wordpress.comhe has really lovely blushing – i think Aileen Doll do a fabulous job with these dragons!

and here is his OE faceplate, though i won’t be using this for a while yet, as i haven’t got around to finding some eyes for him!

aileen doll seed |

i ordered Ignis on layaway through Dolk – and this was the first time i had purchased through them. honestly, communication was a bit spotty, but overall i’m really happy with how this transaction went. shipping only took four days, and that was with a one day hold up due to a visit to customs (Australia has very strict quarantine laws – which i will never complain about – and it sends up a red flag when one of the contents of the box are labelled as ‘seed’ 🙂 ) plus, i even got the bonus Greenery event gift thrown in!

aileen doll greenery |

i was not expecting to receive the Greenery at all, as the event gifts were quite limited in number and i ordered quite late, so it was an awesome surprise 🙂 i now need to decide what blushing he needs – how fun!

a note about names: i came across the name Ignis in a children’s picture book by one of my favourite illustrators a number of years ago, and had been wanting to use the name for one of my dragons since i first saw these cuties. in my memory, Ignis was a green dragon so i really wanted Seed to be called Ignis. turns out i was wrong – the original Ignis was red. oh well – that’s where poetic license comes into play!

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to buy, or not to buy – part 2.5.

okay, well – as much as i would really love to buy the Brown Tan Lati White Belle, something happened today to scuttle those plans…

this happened –

aileen doll pico dragon |

(photo courtesy of

oh my freaking goodness it’s a baby dragon! a purple baby dragon!

and look at it in proportion to the other dragon –

aileen doll pico dragon |

(photo courtesy of

it’s a teeny, tiny, adorable, purple baby dragon. with a dummy (pacifier).

i’m dying of cuteness overload right now…

chances are that this little cutie will be a limited edition, so i don’t want to chance missing out. if i could guarantee that the dragon was a basic item, i would have possibly tried to buy one of the Lati Whites, but since Aileen Doll only posted the teaser for these today there’s not any info about the release yet.

i can’t afford both, so that means that i have to save my pennies for the baby dragon!

EDIT: Aileen Doll have announced that the baby dragon will be limited in number, over two order dates. on each order date 50 blank baby dragons and 40 blushed baby dragons will be available.

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to buy, or not to buy – part 2.

Lati has posted a preview pic of a dark tan Lati White Belle (?) on their Facebook page…

(photo taken from

she is adorable. i was regretting not getting the Dark Crunchy Haru from earlier this year, but now i think this little one is even cuter. now just to wait to find out how much she is and whether she is limited!

EDIT: she’s definitely a Lati White Belle, and she’s super limited! only 19 are being sold at 12.00 am (Korean time) on October 17th.

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hello! long time, no posting  🙂 i’ve called this post ch-ch-changes but not too much has changed around here since i’ve been absent!

the most notable change is that i sold my Pukifee Ante, Emmeline.

emmeline |

so long, Emmeline.

i had been brewing over this decision for quite a while, and when i finally made the decision it felt freeing. if i’m honest, i knew she wasn’t 100% perfect for me from the minute i opened the box…

… which brings me to my next change. i posted here that i ordered a Pukifee Cony fullset as soon as they were announced. she took quite a while to arrive, but once she did, i knew she wasn’t for me, despite how cute she was. it was the same feeling i had when i opened my Ante, so this time i just ran with it and listed her for sale straight away, instead of trying to force a bond for 2+ years! she’s on layaway at the moment to someone in my local community, which is excellent.

pukifee cony |

and then i ordered another Pukifee – Icis this time! i have been wanting Icis for at least a year, but I wasn’t planning to order her just yet, but then Fairyland announced the 2014 Summer event, which had the cutest Pukifee Juri head as an event plate…

pukifee juri | taken from

this will make the cutest little boy, i think! he will be a floating faceplate for a while until i can afford to get him a body, but i will have to figure out where to send him for a faceup. i’ve also got the Pukifee NF event faceplate that was sent with my Cony that I am still figuring out what to do with… so there’s still lots to do, and still more dolly plans! (it never ends, i think 🙂 )

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