the sound of silence.

Apologies for my lack of posts and responses – I have recently moved into a new job, and have moved interstate, so all of my time has been taken up with issues revolving around the move. I hope to be back posting again soon!



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3 responses to “the sound of silence.

  1. Hope you are settled in okay & the new job is going well.

    Saw the tiny Pamm release and decided neither of them are for me, though I love the body and if it comes up for sale on it’s own, I might use it with another head. Let me know what you think of them.


    • Hi Xanadu! The new job is going well, but I still haven’t got a place of my own yet – though I should be able to move in to an apartment by the end of the week if all the stars align 🙂 I saw the Tiny Pamm release, too, and I think these new bodies are different to the concepts that I have seen previously. (They are – here’s the one I saw originally The new bodies are really cute, but I won’t be getting one at this stage – for me the boobs are too big and the feet are too teeny tiny small. I really loved the concept body… However, one thing I’ve learned in this hobby is never say never, so I may change my mind about the new body someday!

      • Hey where you been, no updates for ages. You know what they say :ALL WORK AND NO PLAY . . . ” How’s the job going, have you settled into an apartment yet? We all miss you, and hope the year expected is only a year. 🙂
        I’ve been busy with the renos & succumbing to new IH BID’s and am expecting my final 2 PF’s shortly. They were due 3 week June but I emailed them and they said mid July. Still sewing for Etsy, but spending my money quicker than I earn it!!
        You added any more to your dolly family lately? Would love to see them if you have. Now don’t forget to keep in touch.

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