soooo, Fairyland announced their new event… there were two new Pukifees released – and I have already ordered a fullset Cony!


(photo courtesy

i love her sweet little face, and beautiful pastel outfit. i have also upgraded to the premium eyes shown in the photographs. although i love the style of wig, i don’t like the two tone colour, so i may sell it later on. additionally, i am not a huge fan of the stockings and shoes, so i may not use them either…

with my order i qualified for the Pukifee event faceplate –


(photo courtesy


which i don’t love. at all.

it reminds me of one of the recent Littlefee Baby faceplates and just does not appeal to me. however, i may keep it and try to mod it slightly (it is calling out for the eye shape to change at least!) and it will at least give me something to practice mods and faceups on. plus, who knows? it may just be a lot cuter in real life.

is anyone else ordering from this event?



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6 responses to “impulsive.

  1. Ha! Great minds think alike. I thought they were both to die for, but have decided against the full set and chosen to buy both “in the raw” with default face ups. I’ll do my own costuming when I decide which way I’m going with these two and Bonnie will fit in nicely with these girls too! That way I get to keep my threesomes. 🙂

    • Haha! I love that you are planning another group of three! I don’t love all the elements of the fullset, but enough to make me purchase it. Cony really called to me – she has such a sad, expressive face.

      • I agree, she’s gonna be great to dress too. I couldn’t see their ears, do you know if they and Bonnie have ears or not? Because my chocolate box group are elves and I’d like this group to be human.

  2. OMG I know they have ears, I meant elf ears or human ears. 🙂

    • All Pukifees have elf ears, I’m afraid! Though you could look into having them modded – plenty of people have done that!

      • Decided to go with an additional Elf family (have to find a biscuit barrel for them). They will be called. Biscotti, Macaron and Cookie and I’ve already ordered wigs. 🙂

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