to buy, or not to buy.

that is the question.

meet Lati White Haru – Dark Crunchy version.


(photo taken from

one the plus side, he’s super super cute, i have long loved the Haru sculpt and he’s such a beautiful skin tone.


he’s very, very small and i am concerned he would essentially be an ornament. plus i shouldn’t be purchasing any dolls at the moment due to my impending move.


do i wait and hope that they produce a Lati Yellow sized doll in this skintone? based on the reaction to this doll i think it’s likely but i’d only want a Haru (or possibly Lea sculpt). i could probably get him second hand later down the track but it would likely be at scalper’s prices.

orders close March 21st so i have to decide soon…

has anyone had a Lati White before? did you find them too small? thoughts are welcome!



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4 responses to “to buy, or not to buy.

  1. Great to see you blogging! I haven’t seen a lati white but I am assuming they are about the size of a pukipuki or realpuki, which for me is just a little too tiny. Have recently purchased an Amelia Thimble Izzy and couldn’t cope with the size at all so I’d probably be inclined to see if they bring a lati yellow out in the same skintone.

    Love the way you have set your blog up…looks great mate!!
    Xanadu X

    • Thanks, Sandi – you got me inspired to set up one! I think I am leaning towards waiting for a Lati Yellow in this skintone, as I share your concerns about the size… Plus the bonus with a Lati Yellow is that it could share Pukifee clothes/shoes/wigs…


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